Oils & Fats

We use oils from Ontario-grown crops including sunflowers, soybeans, meadowfoam, and canola. We choose cold-pressed and unrefined oils whenever possible. We use tallow and lard from animals that have been raised with care on small local farms. We get to know our farm producers so we can be sure their approach is in line with our own. And we carefully combine these oils to craft natural bath & body goods that are gentle on your skin.

Essential Oils

Essential oils impart wonderful, delicate scents to our bath & body goods. We use cold-pressed and steam-extracted essential oils and avoid those that have been solvent-extracted. These natural plant-based oils don't smell as strong as their synthetic counterparts, so they are great for those with scent sensitivities.

We simply don't use artificial scents.


You won't find neon colours or sparkles in our bath & body products. We use only natural colourants like activated charcoal, powdered dried botanicals, and clay powders. These natural colourants bring a subtle touch that perfectly complements our natural formulations.

We simply don't use synthetic colourants.


Lye (NaOH) is dissolved in liquid and combined with oils to produce soap. By carefully crafting our formulations, we ensure that no lye remains in any of our finished products. Through the soapmaking process, lye is converted to soap + glycerine.

Without lye, there is no soap!

Dried Botanicals

Pure dried botanicals are amazing! We gently infuse dried botanicals in oils to impart their qualities to our bath & body products. We grind them into powders to add colour & scrubbiness to our soaps. And we add them atop our Bath Bombs. We grow and wild harvest some of our own botanical ingredients, and we plan to grow more as we expand our pollinator garden.